"They seek communion with us. They are in the starry sky, the surface of the waters, the countryside. They are shimmering in the sky at dusk as the stillness creeps over the surface of the land. They are guardians of sacred sites. They are here to assist humankind, to restore fullness and balance to life on Earth."
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"With all the trouble in the world, the angels are becoming so present. They are here to heal and enlighten and inspire people, to encourage us and show us that we are not alone."
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"Angels have inspired artists for centuries as symbols of the unseen world."
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"I am working with a new vision of angels. The stereotype of old Victorian-style angels is being replaced by a new perception of them as beings of light."
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"Stibolt views her work as a medium through which the angels can transmit their message of love, beauty and transcendent healing power from the spirit world to our own."
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"Cynthia acknowledges another inspiration that helps her create: music. She chooses to listen to Brazilian jazz. 'The accelerated beat tunes me in at a higher frequency. I need to get into a state of joy. Then I can really work.'"
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"What's so interesting about the nichos is that they blend the old and the new, they bring together all kinds of traditions, all kinds of people."
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